How CYA Works

How can CYA HR help us?


Making your business profitable

Don’t let your company be one that loses revenue due to high employee turnover, poor morale, and legal actions taken against it. Instead, protect your company with a well-run human resources department that keeps in compliance with the law and practices sound management methods.

CYA HR offers those practices from beyond your office, as well as in your office. Take advantage of what state-of-the-art technology can bring to your workforce with our virtual and on-site consulting.

What our services do for your company

  • 24-hour virtual HR support
  • Use phone, text, or email
  • Creates a healthy work environment
  • Boosts productivity
  • On-site HR support
  • In-person training sessions
  • HR recruitment if necessary

You’ll feel like you have a whole department working for you right on-site when you choose CYA HR. Read on to learn more about our HR services.

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