Is a candidate’s commute too long to hire them? 4 red flags

You probably know that hiring a worker with a long commute can be a risk — but you may not realize just how badly a commute can impact retention. 

According to research by Evolv, an employee engagement software developer, workers with commutes longer than 30 minutes were 92% more likely to jump ship.

Factors you must weigh

But of course, you don’t want to rule out a good candidate just because he or she has a long commute.

To help you in the decision-making process, Dr. John Sullivan an HR and talent management consultant, in an article he penned for, noted steps employers should take to evaluate if a commute should factor into a decision to hire a person:

  • Identify positions affected by long commutes. Perform an analysis to find out which of your positions have been most impacted by long commutes. Example: Workers in lower-paid positions are more likely to be affected by long commutes than higher-paid employees.
  • Look at the commute, not the distance. More factors need to be considered in a commute than just how far away a worker lives. You’ll also want to consider traffic and total commute time.
  • Schedule interviews during rush hour and ask about the drive. This gives employers and applicants an idea of what the day-to-day commute would be like and how stressful it may be.
  • Look into flexible work options. Giving workers flex scheduling, subsidized transit or telecommuting options can reduce the effect of a long commute. What can you offer?

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Source: News from HR Morning