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HR Services Available from CYA HR

The services we provide

You don’t need to employ an entire human resource department when you have the services of CYA HR at your disposal 24/7. We provide the same thing an on-site department can at a fraction of the cost.

Everything you need found with us

  • New policy implementation!
  • Employee handbook development and implementation created to meet the unique aspects and workforce of your business
  • Required postings and documents to be in compliance with employee relations and labor law
  • Keeping things updated by maintaining required personnel records
  • Adding and implementing new policies
  • Harassment prevention services according to AB1825. This is required by law and helps protect you in the event of a lawsuit
  • Safety and diversity training that helps protect your business
  • Compensation and benefit administration that allows you to stay competitive and makes your company attractive to the workforce
  • Benefits tailored to your company’s employee demographics
  • Recruitment services, including interviews and background checks
  • Grievance and mediation support, offering an open environment that minimizes lawsuits from disgruntled employees
  • Help in conducting terminations and disciplinary actions
  • Support for EEOC and DFEH investigations and responses, by helping you keep the documents that protect your business in order
  • Help with EDD unemployment and disability claims so you can fight unwarranted unemployment claims
  • Workers compensation and claim management support that provides you and injured workers the right documentation to keep you in compliance with the law

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