Why Choose CYA?

Why Choose CYAHR for your office's HR needs.


Perfect organization and management

If you have employees, then you need a way to manage them and CYA HR shows you how to do just that in an organized fashion guaranteed to bring success.

You also need to keep your California-based company in compliance with state labor codes and CYA HR can teach you just how to do that. We work with start-up companies and mid-size companies and help them manage all aspects of human resources.


Why we’re the right choice
for you

  •  Virtual resources
  • Outsourced resources
  • Fluent in California labor code
  • Expert in Millennial resource challenges
  • More streamlined than having an HR department
  • Offers a strategy for HR and company success

Turn to a company that runs things a little differently and is not just a run-of-the-mill HR department. Learn how CYA HR takes modern technology and runs a company like no other.

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